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Ahhh what is it with people today

God what is it with people today i just don't get them.Just because i happen to like My Chemical Romance i have kids call me Emo and im sick of it.Oh only Emos like MCR your Emo .Well get this i am not emo but i love mcr and there music.

If would just for one second shut up and read or hear what the band has been through then maybe u would understand them a little better you only copy what the papers say about them being Emo and liking the cult.Just because they happen to like horror films big whoop so does 1000,000% of the words population today.That don't make them bad or evil.

In fact most of there fans will tell you it was because of MCR that the hadn't hurt themselves so insted of dissing them You should thank them because for all you know they could of helped someone you know or love.

If you don't like there music then fair enough but don't start bad mouthing people who do.We don't sit there calling you names because you like drum and base or what ever do we.No but u do it to us then wonder why people get nasty and retaliate.

So before you start to bad mouth people who like different music or anything different for that matter just stop and think how would you feel if it was you.

Sorry to all those people out there who don't do this sort of thing but i had to say something i am just getting fed up with how i am treated because i like MCR.

Bye all
luv shelley xx